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Planning a large event is a hassle for anyone. Choosing the date, booking the venue, managing the RSVPs, getting the food... The most complicated part of all, however, is renting the necessary equipment to make the event run smoothly. From tables, chairs and dinnerware to cooking equipment and generators, everything has to be in the right place at the right time, and for the right price. Even more importantly, there has to be enough of everything to go around, and it needs to be reliable, especially in the case of mobile refrigeration, lighting and sound equipment.

The rental cost of all these extras can add up quickly, and can even double the initial budget, while the hassle of trying to get everything set up in time can double the stress for the organizers. At B.Y.O.C. Event Rentals, we believe that these costs should be reasonable, if not modest. Even though the length of the rental period, the value of the equipment, and the difficulty of venue access are all important factors to consider, rental charges should never exceed 25 percent of the total budget. Our experience in the rental field gives us a good idea of what an event like yours needs to run smoothly, and what is often forgotten in the rental order. Ordered bread baskets but no butter trays? More chairs or tables than chair covers or linens? We'll make sure you're ready.

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